EN KOMPLEX DOM — Fire resistant openable wooden windows manufacturer


Komplex Dom is the manufacturer of fire resistant openable wooden windows.

We also manufacture openable fire resistant windows and doors for historical buildings.

We realize replicas based on survey, own projects and technical solutions with coordination under heritage conservator supervision. We manufacture fire resistant wooden windows and doors indicated for historical buildings. We make individual indoor door joinery. Our broad and experience in this field allows us to cope with high demands of every customer. Our products gained recognition not only in Poland but in Europe also. We cooperate only with known and verified providers for: wood, glued square timber, fittings, glass panes, paints. Our services are of high quality and we have won numerous prizes and distinctions for it. We serve our customers with experience and advice on every step of their project. Our products have been used in many known and prestigious building in Poland and Europe, such as palaces, residences and castles.


Openable Fire resistant windows

The fire resistance of our windows is rated as 60 (EI60) and 30 (EI30) minutes. The windows can be made as sigle frame, boxed and Polish. The maximum window dimensions are 2300 x 2995 mm. Our windows have a fire classification of fire resistance fixed windows issued by Instytut Technologii Budowlanej Zakład Badań Ogniowych no. 1602/12/Z00NP and 1451/12/Z00NP.


Fire resistant joinery for historical buildings

We also manufacture fire resistant wooden windows and doors with fire resistance rated as EI30 and EI60 intended for historical buildings that are identical in appearance as the original joinery.

Fire classification 1

Fire classification 2

Fire classification 3

Fire classification 4

Fire classification 5

Fire classification 6